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Types Of The Best Pickleball Paddle

All manufacturing companies are trying to provide different types of options to the buyers. It can be possible only with the help of a huge variety of product. The product variety can be differentiated on the basis of material used and some other things. If we talk about the best pickleball paddles reviews for spin, then different types of options are available. Mainly the selection of material is affecting two things such as –



  •              Core


  •             Faces


The players need to choose both things carefully. The selection of the wrong material or combination leads to several issues in front of the players. In the upcoming paragraphs, you can get some details related to the different types of paddle cores.

Paddle cores



Paddle core is an important part of the best pickleball paddle racquet. It is the surface which comes in contact with the ball. The players need to choose the best material for such a task. The selection of core material will affect the way of hitting a ball and its responses. The noise of hitting ball also depends on the material type.



Nomex paddle core



Nomex includes the nylon properties. Mainly it is considered for the industrial uses and for completing the aerospace activities. The biggest reason for its use in different industries is related to its manufacturing and features.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Highly flexible

These things are making the Nomex material a good option for different types of things. The way of this particular material is considered by numerous players for the paddle core. Its combination is much better with the face of graphite. Application of these types of material is helpful in absorbing less power of hitting objects. 

Polymer paddle core

The core which is manufactured with the help of polymer is mainly based on the honeycomb structure. It provides lots of benefits to the players. These types of cores are flexible as compared to other types. Due to its flexibility, the players can see proper ball impact on the paddle. These factors are providing lots of benefits in choosing the best pickleball paddle for spin.



If you are considering the way of this particular core type, then you can see some issues related to the energy absorbed. As a result, the players need to put more efforts for the movement of a ball. It is highly beneficial to the players those are applying control style techniques in the game. Onix Pickleball Paddles are the best for beginners and intermediate players, you must try them too.



Aluminum paddle core



The aluminum cores are also based on the honeycomb structure. The complete core structure is manufactured by adding a thin layer of aluminum. The shape which is followed by the companies is hexagonal. The performance of the best pickleball paddle racquet with an aluminum core is completely similar to Nomex core.



It depends on the players that which kind of core is helpful in playing the game properly. You should choose the core which is beneficial in making the way of playing the game better. Wrong selection leads to several issues in front of the players. Know more about Pickleball at